Charging abroad

As I have described in Planning a road trip , when you go on a trip you have think ahead. You need to make sure you have all the cables, adapters and chargecards you need for your destination. After all, while normal gas station are ubiquitous, charge points are not.

So, you do your research, check the local providers, get the required RFID tags and you make sure you have got all the equipment you need. And then you set of.

After a great trip you arrive at a charge point, one you found using one of the numerous apps or sites available, and then you want to charge the car. Only to discover the designer of the place did not have Tesla’s in mind when designing the charge area.

You guessed it, this is what happened to me on my recent trip to Milan. I wanted to give the car a quick charge before driving into the city. I found a spot that offered free electricity just a few kilometers from my friend’s house where I stayed. We drove to the place, which turned out to be a parking lot in front of a big mall, and located the charge points. They were clearly marked so they were easily found. But when I tried to move the car in such a position that I could reach the charge port with my cable, I found out I had to back into some sort of stall that was way too narrow for my rather wide Tesla. It just would not fit in there. You had to move the car between some fencing and then you could plug it in.

Of course, the Tesla did not fit. I had to stay in front of the stalls and although my cable was long enough this meant I would be standing on the driveway. Which is not how you want to park your car.

Luckily the Milan Supercharger was in range so we decided to go there.

As you can see: even when you think you have it all covered, you still will run into surprises.

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