Day 4, September 18, Kristiansund – Førde


This morning we started by double-checking the route and used the chargemap app for our charging spots. We found a Grønn Kontakt charger in Molde so we decided to visit that with the first group, consisting of Paul, Sander, Rob, Jos, John and us, so four cars. It was going to be a long trip again!


The first part of our route is called Atlantic Road – a surrealistic chain of curiously shaped bridges and roads surrounded by water – an unforgettable sight indeed.


When we arrived in Molde, Rob connected to the CHAdeMO charger but the type 2 charger turned out to be broken. We tried to call the number displayed on the apparatus, but resetting the machine didn’t help. We lost some time discussing our options – finally, we decided to move on since we all seemed to be able to reach Geiranger with its allegedly many chargers.

The next part of the road is called Trollstigen (Troll’s path) – a winding climb through wild mountains and waterfalls.

IMG_1312 IMG_3100 DBT_0860
2015-09-18 15.33.58

IMG_6113 2015-09-18 15.44.57


At the top of Trollstigen we met Bjørn Gundersen and his daughter – he took a day off to meet our group underway! He told us Geiranger had no CHAdeMO chargers – we decided to go to Valldal instead. See Bjørn’s Youtube videos of his trip with us and also a solo Trollstigen ride. He even posted a video with us following him – we are doing our best to keep up! In Valldal we charged our cars in turns, using the CHAdeMO and the 22kW type 2, while having a late lunch at a simple but scrumptious cafe nearby.

IMG_6114We had time to talk to Bjørn and his daughter. Bjørn told us about his trips and showed beautiful pictures of his home town – Ålesund – which we unfortunately did not visit this time. Reasons enough to plan a followup trip! After everybody was charged, we continued our trip to Geiranger, where we briefly visited the luxurious Hotel Union with an exhibition of historic cars.

IMG_6514 IMG_6515

Next to this hotel are about 20 type 2 chargers (not by Grønn Kontakt, you have to make a deal with the hotel to charge there). Since we were pressed for time (today was one of those long trips again!) we needed to say good-bye to Bjørn and his lovely daughter. Bjørn, thanks a lot for your company and time!

After taking off again we got into extremely heavy fog while still driving on a winding narrow mountain road – had to figure out how to turn on fog lights! We barely could see the car in front. A challenging trip indeed!


Today’s journey included many ferry crossings. Most ferries sail once in 15, 30 or 60 minutes, so if you are out of luck, you just miss one which means a delay in your day’s journey. We were reasonably lucky and enjoyed the crossings a lot.

IMG_6109 IMG_6119

Upon arrival in Førde I checked the Chargemap app and found a Grønn Kontakt charger nearby. Dirk and Frank went to test it and it turned out to function properly. So the plan for the following morning was born: bring car to charge, return to have breakfast, rinse and repeat.


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