Day 3, September 17, Fredrikstad – Kristiansund

This morning our car was charged to a whopping 404 km in the garage. The battery is still new – I expect the maximum charge to become less with time.



Our goal was to cross from the southern to the northern coast – our next hotel was Scandic in Kristiansund.


Just before leaving we met Dennis – he has been driving almost all night long but he caught up with us! That was really awesome – our group was complete after all!

Our first charging stop was Lillehammer, home to the Winter Olympics 1994. It boasted a restaurant with a very nice looking salad bar, so we perused that while charging. When we arrived, Pim, Ferdi, Paul and Jos were already there. We also met Wim and Marian and had a nice chat.


As Dirk and Frank suggested we made a tiny detour to visit the Stave Church of Ringebu. A stave church doesn’t have a iron stave through its midst, as we originally thought – a stave is the wooden element from which such buildings are constructed.

DBT_0808 (1)


Our next supercharger was Dombås (the obvious pun on the name was heard a lot during the day!). There was a defunct shopping mall but also a simple café and a souvenir shop predominantly thriving off Norwegian folklore: the Troll.


From Dombås there were two alternative routes to Kristiansund – we chose the eastern one (as shown in the map). This road was unexpectedly beautiful, with lots of multi-coloured moss, providing for a surrealistic landscape, which we unfortunately failed to photograph. Still, we made a couple of nice shots:

DBT_0838 DBT_0836
DBT_0832 (1)DBT_0821 (1)DBT_0820 (1)IMG_6080 (1)DBT_0828 (1)DBT_0813 (1)
We needed to charge fully at Aspøya because the next day we would a lot of extra energy: the trip next day would need all of our battery’s capacity. The restaurant just closed but John kindly offered us the rest of his Pad Thai:


We also made noodle soup and waited until the car was fully charged. Dirk and Frank ate BiFi sausages and the non-driver drank some refreshments from a tin. In the mean time, Dirk helped me to affix the transponder inside the nose cone. Removing it turned out to be simple: you just have to sit on the front of the frunk (is that FroFrunk?) and the cone comes of without problems. Mounting the transponder next to the rear view mirror sometimes gives problems due to shielded glass, inside the nose cone it worked flawlessly for us. (Toll for passing toll roads and bridges is waived for electric vehicles but you still need a transponder registered as such.)

IMG_6095 DBT_0846




Arrived at the hotel, we held a planning meeting for the next day. The problem was that we probably would not make it to the next Supercharger without charging in between. We heard that there were more than 10 charging spots in Geiranger, so our whole group theoretically could charge there together. However, charging with CHAdeMO was preferable because of its faster charging – 200 km/h vs the 100 km/h of a 22kWh type 2 charger or even the meager 50 kmh of a 11kWh. We used the Chargemap app to search for available chargers. We had 5 CHAdeMO adapters so we planned to split into 2 groups, the first one would take the available CHAdeMO adapters, arrive to Geiranger and wait for the second group there to pass them the adapters.

Little did we know that the day would turn out totally different…

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