Day 2, September 16, Copenhagen – Fredrikstad

The hotel with the enigmatic name Zleep turned out to be hot, big and not very comfortable. The first room we got smelled of cigarette smoke and the only window opened into a shabby corridor which probably was the origin of the aforementioned smell. After a chat with the funny Dane at the reception we changed our room to something more acceptable.

Every night I make it a habit to copy the video material from my dashcam card onto an external hard drive (dubbed VideoGnome). This tedious process takes about 30 minutes and needs surprisingly many preparatory actions: find the right microSD adapter, plug in the card reader, the external HD, find an outlet for the laptop, etc. All this needs to be done quietly so as not to wake Katja. But I digress.

During breakfast we celebrated Sander’s birthday – he got presents and we sang for him. He was genuinely surprised and gave a short speech in which he expressed his gratitude for a once-in-a-lifetime experience: waking up next to Paul!

Just before departure Pim came to report that Frank has been overzealous: he glued an extra Norway Roadtrip sticker right over his rear dashcam.


We also heard that some Norwegian Tesla owners will come to Fredrikstad to meet us at 19:00. Hopefully we will be there on time!

In the meantime, an update from Dennis. The engineers at Hamburg SeC have replaced his drivetrain and he will be ready to go in a while. Great job, they even pulled an all-nigher for this.


Today our plan was to traverse Sweden along the coast and reach the Scandic hotel in Fredrikstad in Norway. We stopped in Göteborg for lunch:

DBT_0746 DBT_0752 DBT_0753 DBT_0754 IMG_6020 IMG_6018 DBT_0755

After lunch we drove to the Volvo Museum and had a quick tour. Just when leaving, we met the Museum’s director and had a nice chat. He even mentioned this meeting on Facebook!


A stone-carved Volvo


A Lego Volvo


Finally we arrived in Fredrikstad around 19:00. Dirk and Frank were already there – they directed me towards a parking garage called Apenesfjellet (Monkey Hill) with available charging spots. Charging turned out to be free and one of the chargers (the last one) was available! Besides, the parking garage was free for electric vehicles (EVs). To claim your free get-out-of-parking card you have to convince the supervisor that your foreign car is, in fact, an EV (Norwegian EVs have license plates starting with the letters “EL”).

We quickly found the gathering spot of the Norwegians – it’s a minute walk from the parking. We are late – we arrive there about 19:30 but not everyone is there yet. Finally, around 20:00 the group is complete (guys, if you read this, please accept our apologies!). We were driven to the river and crossed with the ferry.

We had pizza, coke and beers in a very cosy cellar. Lots of war stories shared and pictures taken.

DBT_0762 DBT_0761 DBT_0760 DBT_0759 DBT_0758 DBT_0774 DBT_0782

DBT_0769Wim, being a pro photographer, told me he could snap a razorsharp picture without a tripod using an 1/8 second shutter time. Of course, I called his bluff. Here is the result:


Well, what can I say – he wasn’t bragging! I tried it, too, you can be the judge of my attempt:


After the pizza we did a short walk through the beautiful Fredrikstad center and then were driven back to our hotel.

DBT_0757 DBT_0795 DBT_0788

I would like to thank the extremely nice and hospitable people of the Norwegian Tesla Club who set time aside to drive all the way from Oslo to Fredrikstad, welcome us and spend the night with us. We were really overwhelmed with their hospitality and attention. Guys, if you ever decide to undertake a road trip passing Netherlands or Belgium – please let us know, we will do out best to repay you in kind!

Here is an article on our visit which Vigdis posted to the Norwegian Tesla Club forum. Thanks for the story and the nice pics!

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