Day 7, September 21, Hirtshals – Den Haag

Today was the last trip day for us. We woke up at 8:30 and decided to have breakfast – with stern view:


We arrived at Hirsthals by at 10:15. The group fell apart due to random order in which we were allowed to drive off the ship. The rest of the day consisted of driving and random encounters with Paul/Sander, Erik/Margriet, Rob/Jos and John – we all hopped happily along Tesla’s superchargers on our way home.

In our case, we chose the following stops:

Århus SuC – this was a little unfortunate, since it’s off the main road. On the other hand, there is a Tesla shop and service center, and I had a nice little talk with a Dane who asked me stuff about my 85D because he was planning to import a Tesla from The Netherlands when Denmark re-introduces the 180% tax (!!!) on Teslas.

Busdorf SuC – had a Burger King + coffee, and had a chat with John and Erik / Margriet.

Stuhr SuC – this one has a large outlet center, so we spent 1.5 hours there and I now have nice sports gear!

Emsbüren SuC – here we had a couple of our noodle soups. A very nicely situated supercharger!



IMG_6314Wim and Erik made fun of us since Katja was always carrying those around. Taking a big Stanley thermos bottle and two smaller thermos mugs proved invaluable: we boiled water in the hotel every morning and had hot tea / soup whole day whenever we wanted. Nice!



The whole trip in key numbers:


We drove 4444 kilometers and spent 905 kWh doing that. Average energy usage is 204 Wh/km which is not too bad considering sections of German Autobahns where we drove 180+.

All in all – this was an experience never to forget. The team was great, the sights superb and the car stellar. I am already thinking of a next road trip!

Tomorrow I will start finishing up the overdue blog articles and gathering video materials. It is my intention to edit together a video of our trip which we will publish for those who are interested. But I will probably write more about that project separately.

So long for now!

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