Day 6, September 20, Eidfjord – Stavanger

I am writing this post on board a ship from Stavanger, Norway to Hirsthals, Denmark. The Internet connection is so slow that uploading a picture is a very painful process. So I will add the rest of the images later – you will have to do with text only for now!

Our hotel in Eidfjord had a wonderful view on the … yes, the fjord. See for yourself:

IMG_6202 IMG_6205

The evening before we were able to charge to 90% using the charging station in front of the hotel. Destination charging is definitely the cornerstone of electric road trips!

After breakfast I filmed some interviews and we departed in the group with 3 cars: Pim/Ferdi, Wim/Marian and Dimitri/Katja. Dirk and Frank left earlier again. Rob and Jos overslept but followed us within half an hour or so.

We had a wonderful trip. Once again I was baffled by the quality of driving a Tesla Model S. The car accelerates silently and effortlessly and follows the steering movements precisely and smoothly. It has been a joy to drive and we can go on and on! I can’t imagine driving a trip of this intensity in a different car. Moreover, Katja can read in the car without getting nauseous!

At our supercharging stop in Aksdal we found the restaurant closed (Sunday!). Paradoxically, we had to visit a Shell gas station to buy some sandwiches. We left fully charged and were just a minute late for a ferry to Mortavika – Pim was the last one to board and 20 minutes later we followed and met him on the other side. This was a big ferry travelling at a respectable speed of 28km/h.

We arrived in Stavanger around 15:00. We had a couple of hours before boarding the Stavangerfjord ferry to Hirsthals, Denmark. Pim/Ferdi and Wim/Marian. We went into the city center and met the other group near the bay – Ton/Petra, Erik/Margriet and Dennis. We had a snack and some drinks and I filmed another couple of interviews. Around 18:00 the “boat cars” left for the terminal only to learn that the boat was delayed a whopping 3.5 hours! We were locked into a terminal with some coffee, tea, water and cookies and waited there. Some of us returned to the cars and held a degustation of the alcohol still untouched in the frunks of the cars. Finally around 23:00 we boarded the ship and found our cabin, which is not easy – the ship has 8 decks and each deck has lots of winding corridors with confusing signs. Our cabin did not have a window – a fact which the ferry company tried to compensate by painting a fake one on a wall opposite the door.

We explored deck 7, I filmed a last interview for today and we retired – this time we found the cabin almost immediately.

At around 1:15 the ship sailed. Tomorrow we will be in Denmark!

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