Day 5, September 19, Førde – Eidfjord

The three previous days were intense and exhausting, so the blog has suffered – sorry about that, we will try to keep the updates coming!


Excellent breakfast, needed for a long trip!

Today the route went along the fjords and ferries – the other group took the route along the coast via Bergen to Haugesund. Everyone was exhausted after the marathon trip of yesterday. We were 6 cars, the other group 4. We split the 6 in an early group of 4 and a later group of 2. Frank and Dirk went ahead as our ‘reconnaissance’ team.

DBT_0873Since we have a lot of distance to cover (around 330 typical km, as the site tells us), we better leave fully charged.IMG_0198


There is a Grønn Kontakt charging station at 3 km with 1 CHAdeMO and 2 Type 2 22kW chargers. We can charge 3 cars at the same time, 22kW chargers doing about 100km/h and CHAdeMO about 200km/h. This means that, if we switch the CHAdeMO car after half an hour, we can charge 4 cars 100km in 1 hour.

At least, in theory. We optimistically planned to meet at breakfast at 8:00, immediately go charging and be ready around 9:00. In practice, the 22kW didn’t work at first (a phone call to Grønn Kontakt resolved the issue), logistics of driving people back and forth all cost time so finally the 4 cars were fully charged and ready to go at 10:00.

Around 12:00 we were at Balestrand, ready to board the ferry to Hella – had to wait for half an hour here. In Norway, ferries are free for electric vehicles, we only have to pay for passengers (around 500 NOK). Continued the journey along the fjord and took the ferry to Lærdal, this time we were just on time!
By now we received a message from Frank and Dirk, that the energy calculations were probably too pessimistic and we have enough charge to make a detour to Borgund with its oldest Stave Church in Norway. Which we happily did!


After Borgund, there was another choice to make: take the Lærdal Tunnel, the longest (24km) tunnel in the world, or take the beautiful Aurland Mountain Road, crossing the very mountain containing the tunnel. The group split again – Paul, Sander, Rob, Jos and John took the tunnel and we (Dimitri & Katja) took the pass. We can only say we were glad we did it – the view was simply unbelievable. I shot some action footage with my GoPro attached to the right front fender (wing) and right front window of the car. Af the end of the road, there is an award-winning viewpoint Stegastein (link to a page in Norwegian) which will dazzle you even more than the road already did…

DBT_0901 DBT_0903 IMG_1346 IMG_1348

And here an impression of the insides of the tunnel which other teams took:


After these impressions we arrived at the Aurland Supercharger which has 4 stalls instead of indicated 6. Rob and Jos were just leaving – they were quicker because they took the tunnel. Paul, Sander and John decided to go on to Haugesund so they would have enough time tomorrow to do the Preikestolen hike which takes 4 hours. We had a simple dinner at the café while the car was charging.


Pim and Wim were also there – arrived a little earlier via a variation of our route. After dinner and charging we had a nice chat with some Norwegian Tesla owners who asked us about our road trip since they noticed the stickers on our windows. A lady told us she had already seen 6 of us!

Finally we continued the route from the Aurland SuC to our hotel in Eidfjord. This time, we took the fastest route which brought us through some beautiful scenery but also an intricate system of tunnels, some of which contained roundabouts (!).



Tomorrow, the groups will have a different programme. Katja and I will travel to Stavanger to board the ferry to Denmark.

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