Day 1, September 15, Emsbüren – Copenhagen – (Un)pleasant Surprises

Today the Tesla Norway Road Trip has started. 8 Teslas departed from Emsbüren at 9:00 AM – Wim skipped Emsbüren and drove ahead.


Some of us decided to test the German Autobahn without speed limits. After driving 210 for a while Dennis’ car began complaining about needing service and limiting power. After a charging stops the problem seemed to disappear but quickly re-surfaced. Dennis decided to visit the Hamburg SeC and Wim and Dimitri joined in.

The SeC guys, unfortunately, could not fix the issue immediately – Dennis needed to stay in Hamburg overnight. The rest of the team continued the journey through heavy rain.

Around this time, John felt he couldn’t stay behind and needed to join after all (he reversed his decision twice before).

Rob and Jos were unpleasantly surprised by the unpredictable Tesla Navigator – despite their destination Copenhagen it stubbornly kept sending them back to the Middelfart SuC.That cost them about an hour!


Charging at Middelfart

But the highlight of the trip was surely the Storebæltsbroen bridge:


The last charging stop was at the luxurious Køge SuC boasting 12 stalls!


WP_20150915_19_45_20_Pro Køge Supercharger

The plan for tomorrow is to cross Sweden and reach Fredrikstad, Norway.

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