A great trip deserves a great logo

Norway trip logo

A great trip deserves a great logo! Fellow Tesla lover and Norwegian road trip taker Frank Piessens designed this logo for the people taking the trip. He will make sure all our Tesla’s have this logo somewhere on the cars.

As you can see the logo represents our trip: it has the Belgium flag on the right (representing the Belgium drivers), the Dutch flag on the left (representing the Dutch drivers), the Tesla logo in the middle (representing… well, that’s obvious) all in a Viking helmet. The red dots represent the Superchargers we will frequent. As you can see they are on the winding roads we hope to find in Norway. All in all it’s a great way to symbolize our trip. (Thanks Frank for the clarification, I missed that last piece)

Logo sticker being laminated

On this picture you see the logo’s being laminated after being printed out. We want to make sure they stay as beautiful as they were when they came of the printer.

Thanks Frank! We will be proud to drive around in our cars with this on our windows!

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