Two routes, one great trip

As I said before, we will be taking a trip with multiple cars. Of course, not everyone has the same preferences. So we decided to make a split halfway and have two different routes. Also the last part will be different: half will take the ferry to Denmark, the other half will drive back the way we came over Sweden. Here you can see the routes we have identified so far.

On the left you see the first route. As you can see in the middle of the trip this route goes through the inlands of Norway. Also, the last part consists of a ferry ride to Denmark.Total length: about 4000 km.

Route 2 is on the right. This route more follows the coastline and drives back over land.

Of course, people will change their mind and take different roads along the way, but at least it gives a nice impression of where we’re going!

5 thoughts on “Two routes, one great trip

  1. On the 18. your journey from Kristiansund to supercharger Sandane will be approx. 370km. That is no problem because you can charge all vehicles at the same time in Geiranger after 230km. At the Fjord Centre there are 12 of type 2 22kW (or 24 of 11kW) and 3 of same kind at Union Hotel. If I can get free from work I intend to meet you at Trollstigen and accompany you to Geiranger.

  2. If you are more than 15persons you will get a group price if you want to visit the Fjordcentre. In the hotel there is spa and swimmingpool – and also a carmuseum (which is free of charge).

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